08 May, 2017 | 44 views

Post Project Analysis

When I finish a software project, whether it be a new business tool for my Inter Technologies website or for a client project, I don’t allow myself the luxury of celebrating the success for too long. Rather than being excited about the good aspects of the overall delivery, I am more likely to focus on any challenges that might have occurred over the duration of the project.

I make a list of things that I felt did not go as planned – maybe communications with team members or stakeholders that could have gone better; software that could have been developed quicker; time that could have been put to better use, and so on. I also arrange a workshop with everyone involved in the project and get their views. I make sure we look at this in a very honest way. I am particularly tough with regards to my own performance.

I then analyse the list and see how things could be improved in order to turn these negatives into positives on my next project.

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